Episoddict: Sharp Objects (Miniseries)

Sharp Objects (Season 1) – ★★★★½
2018 🇺🇲
📽️ Jean-Marc Vallée
✍️ Ariella Blejer × Gillian Flynn × Dawn Kamoche × Marti Noxon × Scott Brown × Vince Calandra × Alex Metcalf

Traumatikong manipulasyon. Emosyonal na sugat. Siklo ng pang-aabuso. Matatalim na alaala.

Best Episodes:
1. Falling
2. Vanish
3. Milk
4. Dirt

Best Performances:
1. Amy Adams (Camille Preaker)
2. Patricia Clarkson (Adora Crellin)
3. Eliza Scanlen (Amma Crellin)
4. Chris Messina (Detective Richard Willis)


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