Call for Submissions: Paper Monster Press’ “Time-Space Warp”


TIME-SPACE WARP (feels like that coz we didn’t publish for such a long time right). Anyway, we bought so we have our own website and working on the back end to bring you guys our zines, our soon-to-be-launched single author chapbooks, our online art space and our music lounge. Whew!

Ok, Time-Space Warp is essentially a notion that talks about deep space, black holes, past converging on the present, etc. etc. Be inspired by Shaider as well as the hallucinogenic music of #Goodleaf, Monochrome, and of course, Elemento.

What we are looking for:

1) Cover Art – with the words “Paper Monster Press” and “Time Space Warp” on the cover on jpg format
2) Inside Art – 1-3 pieces in jpg format
3) 1-3 poems, short fiction, epistolary or essays in word format, Filipino or English. At the moment, we do not have the capacity to read and/or translate other languages.
4) 1-3 music/ noise pieces in wav format (don’t link to a google drive as this will expire)

DEADLINE: 30th May 2020

On a side note: PMP is now working to get all zines published including Atlantis, Atlantis 2.0 and Nirvana. So please, if you contributed to any or all PMP zines, drop us a line by email, Facebook, or Whatsapp.

Because we have editors, Dowee Untivero (English) and Mayk C. Alegre (Filipino), we follow the process of selection, and editing. We all stand by the decision of our editors. So please, don’t feel bad if you weren’t selected for this particular issue. Paper Monster Press is gonna make lots and lots more!

Please feel free to share this with everybody.

Ayn Frances Dela Cruz


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