Episoddict: Too Old To Die Young (Season 1)

Too Old To Die Young (Season 1) – ★★★½
2019 🇬🇧 10 Episodes
📽️✍️ Nicolas Winding Refn
✍️ Ed Brubaker × Halley Wegryn × Gross Stephen Nolly

Pagal at bagal. Kanbas ng kalabisan. Tunog at kulay ng pasismo. Dumudura sa langit. Panahon at pagkakataon. Binabalasang baraha. Paayon o pabaligtad?

Best Episodes:
1. Volume 5: The Fool
2. Volume 7: The Magician
3. Volume 4: The Tower
4. Volume 8: The Hanged Man
5. Volume 9: The Empress

Best Performances:
1. John Hawkes (Viggo)
2. Miles Teller (Martin Jones)
3. William Baldwin (Theo)
4. James Urbaniak (Stevie)
5. Jena Malone (Diana)


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