“Poets of the Apocalypse” Selections: PMP’s 10th Issue (2014)

Paper Monster Press presents POETS OF THE APOCALYPSE! The last issue for FOLKLORE YEAR!

I. English Poetry

a) A Poet at 21 by Brylle Tabora
b) Primetime Static by Rina Caparas
c) Idle Bodies: A Reflection on Struggle by Dorynna Untivero
d) Rewording/ wondering by Lawdenmarc Decamora
e) Obscenities by Vincent Gregory Yu
f) Pain by Ayn Frances Dela Cruz
g) A moth takes the train by Genevieve Mae Aquino
h) Quasar by Kari Tervo
i) Corridors by Manuel Avenido Jr.
j) Long Alphabets by Judd Labarda
k) Tax by Adrian Kilometer de Pedro
l) Everyday is Spagghetti Day by Arjo Despuig
m) In Case of Emergency by Rodrigo dela Pena Jr.

II. Filipino Poetry

a) Pahiwatig at Ligalig ni Michael Alegre
b) Kaganapang Nakaagpang ni Wilson “Ecib” A. Crescencio
c) Kumpisal ni Ronald Ramos
d) Kapag walang ulam ni Jomark Baynado
e) Patungo ni Maureen Gaddi Dela Cruz
f) Ang kuwento ng isang malamig na bangkay sa Pebrero ni Rick Jay Cabillo
g) Ako, Eksperto ni Kristoffer Berse
h) Sa muling pagkabuhay ni J.G. Janine Go Dimaranan

III. Art 

a) Cover Art by Daniel Tinagan and Paolo Renno Angelo Paolo Angelo Renno Bagsic
b) Zachary Scott Hamilton
c) Bien Jasper Cabarroguis

IV. Music 

a) Animalidad Pilipinas
b) Blisfully Yours
c) Stanley Castelo
d) Genevieve Mae Aquino
e) I-am Petecracc
f) Ugong

In memoriam: JONATHAN BRAVO R.I.P.

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