“Pyrotechnic Poetry 2” Selections: PMP’s 2nd Issue (Taglamig 2010)

Paper Monster Press was first thought to be a poetry pamphlet that would work to bring new poetry to a wider range of audiences. Of course, the question of why and how arises. Why poetry? When the whole publishing world is inundated with it? And what exactly did I mean when we say “a wider range of audiences”? Who still reads poetry?

First things first, what is new? And what are the criteria that each editor brings to the final decision making process, of who gets into each issue. (As each issue is composed of 10 poems each in English and Filipino.) And how do the editors get chosen?

New poetry means experimentations with sound and language, new images, and fresh perspectives and insights on the world/s of meaning/s. Of course, the editors bring to the table their own tastes, their own understanding of the genre and craft of their specialization. And the editors change with each edition? Why? To ensure that a wider range of artists with varying leanings get to be published by Paper Monster.

—Ayn Dela Cruz, Tagapagpasimuno 🙂

Front Cover

Here are the selected works for PMP’s 2nd Issue:


  1. We sing the wind’s caress on our skin – Adam David
  2. Finger – Ayn Frances dela Cruz
  3. Madonna – Azlison Bawang
  4. Afraid of Space – Ruth Mostrales
  5. Service – Francis Emralino
  6. New Age Nomad – Jeanilyn Kwan


  1. Haraam – Jack Alvarez
  2. Kalatog-t’yanMichael Alegre
  3. Unexposed Film – Daniw Santiag
  4. Ang Nocturne ni Vincent van Gogh – J. Luna
  5. Dayo – Ronald Verzo
  6. Pating – Enrique Villasis


  1. James Javier
  2. Paul Panganiban
  3. Aldo Bongala
  4. Yasunari Ramon Taguchi
  5. Angely Chi


  1. Paper Monster Press Issue 1 – Noel Sales Barcelona

*Issue 2 edited by Enrique Villasis (Filipino), Jeanilyn Kwan (English), Ros Veluz (zine design and lay-out).

Paper Monster Press launches its 2nd issue at the Better Living Through Xeroxography Exhibit on December 3, 2010 at Cubao/ Kalantiaw/ Ilyongs.

First 100 bottles of beer for free!  🙂

~posted here by Ayn Frances Dela Cruz on Saturday, 27 November 2010 at 8:30p.m.
~also posted here by John Robert Luna on 30 November 2010 at 12:11p.m.
~Paper Monster Editors’ and Contributors’ Profile here.

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