Breaking taciturnity

This was published in volume 1 of Genre (The Spark magazine) on March 2009

“Emancipation can only be realized through violent retaliation…”

These striking words that I’ve read from an article of Kulé (Philippine Collegian) remind of the controversy involving the four student-blogger of Quezon City Science High School (QCSHS).

If you could still remember, it was aired out on those early-evening-newscast- programs last January 14, 2009; the polemical report about the 10-day suspension hit on the four intrepid students of QCSHS for posting an alleged damaging blog entries against their principal, Dr. Zenaida P. Sadsad, and other school official of QCSHS. The supposed-to-be harsh penalty charged over the four highschoolers was about to begin last January 19 but it was obstructed early on January 16 by the National Capital Region (NCR) director of Department of Education (DepEd), Teresita Diamalanta, due to the parent’s complaint of two of the students.

Out of inquisitiveness on the news and since I have my own under-construction multiply account (, I eagerly visited one of those four controversial multiply sites in able for me to fully-absorb the issue. Hence, I ended up viewing the well-crafted page of Mychael M. Miravite. It was really a peculiar advantage for me due to his immediate response of approval after adding him up on my contacts.

Speaking of his blog, I must say that I was totally flabbergasted after reading the nine links provided on his so-called Eto yung dahilan ng suspension ko favorite blog entry. One of its links entitled Maikli lang dapat ito that truly marked a big impact on me was the last three lines on it which goes like this:

“…Takot ka ba sa mga alam ko? Takot ka ba sa katotohanan?…

Ayun. Salamat sa lahat. Kahit umalis ako sa kisay (QueSci), pipilitin kong magkaroon ng magandang impact sa inyo, yung maganda at makakabuti lalo na sa future batches.

Alam ko karapatan ko. Alam ko yung mga nilabag niyo (pertaining to principal among others).

There are lots of contradicting comments concerning those blogs. On the constraint side is the fact that these students must learn how to respect their superior and must practice how to blog appropriately in lieu of writing some incendiaries—in short, proper blogging and accountability. Despite all these, I still believed that these students are just only practicing their right, and that is the freedom of expression.

Of course the blog sucks (which I deem the three other blogs too)! And yup, it puts their principal and other teachers into public humiliation. But here’s my stand: will these students make such type of blogging if they’re contented with the kind of system in their school? Of course not, right? Another thing that was so disgusting was the ten days of sanction which is really very unfair to them! That’s downright stupidity! What do you think?

Freedom of expression is one of the basic constitutional rights of every Filipino. As a citizen under this democratic country, it is really our privilege to freely voice out our opinions without censorship or restrictions. Meanwhile, in regards to blogging of whatsoever, it is said that there are practically no limitations in publishing it on the web.

Sometimes we have to raise are silenced voices for us to be heard and carry out a good change. Thus, I am persuading everybody: we have to think and express freely for ourselves. So if you’ve seen any wrongdoing within the authority; write it down, speak it up! Truth really stings but it must have to prevail. Bear in mind that this is absolutely our duty—to fight for the right!

Ultimately, I firmly believed on the words stressed by Arnold A. Clavio, “Ang respeto ay hindi hinihingi, ito ay kusang ibinibigay kung karapat-dapat sa kanyang pag-uugali.”

michael c. alegre



Matagal na ring nakabinbing i-paskil ang kolum na ‘to—lumabas sa magasin ng The Spark (GENRE Vol. 1) ne-tong nakaraang Marso, 2009bilang pangako ko kay kabagis na Myke Miravite, Bea Samson, atbp. na sangkot dito. Singlaking pasasalamat nila sa lahat nang sumuporta sa kanilang kaso ang pa-tenkyu ko rin sa kanila. Kumbaga, the feelin’ is mutual (lol!). Sana dumami pa ang lahi nila…


Pasasalamat rin aking iginagawad (pormal, a!) sa unang naka-appreciate nito: kay Meyot (Mary Rose Mendoza), isang inhinyerong sibil na estudyante na matakaw ding magsulat pero pinutakti na nang katamaran ngayon sa hindi ko malamang kadahilanan

Bukod sa kanya e kay ‘nbsible’ (Neil Bryan Reporsado, inkaming fif yir mekanikal enjiniring stude) na unang naging isang kabagis at kakonekta ng utak kong bumabaliko kapag nagkukomento ako! “Arukin mo, p’reX!” hehehe…

At sa mga kabagis ko, s’yempre, sa publikasyong The Spark! Babangon pa tayo!

Sa lahat nang nag-view, aba! TIWAY!

Samahan n’yo pa ko!


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